OUCH, this looks painful!

Some people learn from their mistakes, this guy however seems to be getting stupider. Last year, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, A. J. Hawk, completely destroyed a fan at a celebrity golf match with a truly crunching tackle which almost broke him in half.

You're thinking 'Why on earth would he do that to the poor bloke?'. Well, the fan asked the 6'1, 16 stone mound of testosterone to do it! 

Fast forward to this year, at the 2015 American Century Championship Celeb-Am and the same fan asked Mr Hawk to tackle him again. 

This time the Super Bowl champion broke him into a thousand pieces! Just listen to that crunch!

We're not sure if this guy is getting some sort of pleasure from this but we're hoping the pair take it to the next level at the 2016 addition. One thing we do know is, we'd love to see some football fans and players do this. Who wouldn't want to see Lee Cattermole smashing into some supporter at a celebrity golf game or Roy Keane fly-kicking some fool in the park.