Jeremy Corbyn could actually be the next Labour leader, suggests poll

Left winger, Jeremy Corbyn, once an outsider in the leadership debate, could be set to become Labour leader, if private polling is believed.

The New Statesman, a paper which backed the Labour party in the 2015 UK general election has said they have seen private polling, showing Jeremy Corbyn in first place in the first round of voting.

According to the paper, the polls were conducted by Corbyn’s rivals. If they are to believed and if Jeremy Corbyn does become Labour leader then it will be a massive political earthquake.

Furthermore, the Telegraph has reported that Corbyn is ahead by “more than 15 points.”

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Jeremy Corbyn also now has a better chance of winning the leadership election than right-leaning Liz Kendall if betting markets are to be believed. William Hill’s odds on Corbyn are now 6/1, ahead of Kendall’s on 7/1. Yvette Cooper’s are 5/2, whilst Burnham’s are 4/5. If the betting markets are right Andy Burnham is the candidate to beat.

In some ways this revelation is completely shocking. How on earth could this actually happen? Such a result would be a bigger political earthquake than the one UKIP have been promising all these years. But on the other hand, from watching the Labour leadership hustings it is not completely surprising. Mr Corbyn received regular applause during these debates. Within Labour - and it is Labour members who decide their leader - Corbyn does appear to have a large following.

For those in the party seeking a guenuine alternative to austerity Corbyn does have appeal.

The new Labour leader will not be announced until September.

View the full New Statesman article on seeing the private polling here.


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