EU LCS WEEK 8: Origen

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After falling to Fnatic last week, Origen will look to sure up second place in the penultimate week of the EU LCS.

Origen will be looking to bounce back from their defeat last week as they currently hold second place.

Origen Last Week:

Their loss to Fnatic was nothing to get beat up about. They controlled the game up until the 25th minute and if it were not for a few key mistakes, would have walked away the victors. A few touches to their team-fighting and Origen will be looking as fearsome as any team.

They looked great in their win over Giants and showed off some current Chinese meta favorites with Diana mid with smite.

This week -

Gambit Gaming:

Gambit are continuing to grow. After a difficult start to the split as they tried to identify their teams strengths, Gambit have found success by giving resources to Cabochard and letting him play carries. His performance on Yasuo was beastly and could potentially draw a ban from Origen.

In their game versus Giants last week, though, Gambit reverted back to a Forgiven focused team comp.....and it didn't work. Hopefully this will put the nail in that coffin, ADCs just cannot carry at the moment. Origen themselves have a devastating bot-lane and it will be difficult for either team to find an advantage in this area.

Key Match-up: Cabochard vs Soaz

With Cabochard defining himself as a true carry threat in the toplane, Soaz will have to play at his best to shut him down. Soaz was one of the original toplane carries in EU and may want to go toe-to-toe with Cabo, this would be a mistake. Origens other laners can exploit much clearer weaknesses of the Gambit line-up. Forgiven and Gosu still play too aggressively and Xpeke should be able to dominate the more supportive Betsy in the midlane

SK Gaming:

SK have had major disruptions this week, the removal of Nrated seemingly starting a walkout. No one is quite sure how to asses SK coming into this week but things are not going well. It would have been a minor miracle for SK to bring down Origen without any of this drama in the first place. SK are set to fall in relegations and with the split they have had, it's deserved.

Origen will of course still need to be focused, they cannot afford to lose any games if they want to secure a second-place finish and that birth in the playoffs. As long as they execute their game-plan, they should be able to steamroll through SK, with Gambit posing a more realistic threat, focus is the key.

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