The government are attempting to ban many popular chat Apps to “stop terrorism”.

The government’s highly controversial Snoopers Charter has hit a new low as it was announced that communications tools such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage would be banned under the bill.

The bill, which has been set up to allow the government greater powers to monitor citizens communications and control content on the internet, is targeting any service which encrypts information online, meaning that privacy would be a thing of the past.

Theresa May has recently been labelled “Villain of the year” by a group of Internet Service Providers, thanks to her attempts to gain access to people’s information and private data, and this bill looks set to cement her place in history with regards to human rights violations.

As is typical in these kind of bills words like “easier to detect terrorist activity” and “increase convictions of child abusers” are being used to justify what is essentially another attempt to spy on and control the citizens it is claiming to protect.

The Bill was originally put forward in 2012 but was blocked by Nick Clegg who understood that this would infringe on our right to privacy. Since then several companies have stood up against the bill, and not just because of it’s frankly despicable nature. Under the bill companies would be required to monitor everything posted by it’s users to check for anything “undesirable”, something that most see as an extreme violation. Any company who stood up for it’s customers right to privacy would also be banned from the UK. This would obviously have huge implications to the economy as several of these companies are extremely profitable and pay huge amounts in taxes.

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Perhaps most notably the inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee, has labelled the bill as “Draconian”, something which should highlight just how important this is.

Certain governments over the years have sought to control the thoughts and communications of its people in many ways. Most of these governments ended very badly and are remembered, quite rightly, as historical groups not to be copied in any way. Unfortunately it appears that Theresa May hasn’t been reading up on her history.

What will happen to the bill is anyones guess but the tech community must take a very good look at it should they wish to continue as they are.


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