The good folk at EA Sports have released a new “highlights” compilation featuring some of the worst misses ever on FIFA 15.

Misses and mistakes are often among the best things that can happen on a football pitch – provided you are not the perpetrator.

And while it’s somewhat satisfying to see a real-life football suffer the misfortune of somehow sending a shot high, wide and not so handsome despite the presence of a gaping goal, it is tinged with sadness.

After all, for many of these unfortunate football souls, the stigma of such misses can prove difficult to live with.

Ronny Rosenthal was an excellent striker in his day for Liverpool, for instance, yet is best remembered for one of the worst misses of all time.

Maybe that’s why we love this FIFA 15 worst ever misses compilation.

It’s completely guilt-free viewing, with a variety of luckless computer game players sending shots into orbit when it could and should have been easier to score.

Plenty of big names feature in the highlights reel too, with Manchester United and none-other than Lionel Messi among the culprits.

So sit back, relax and enjoy because no-one is getting hurt with these horror shows – apart from perhaps the odd controller or television screen.

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