Currently tied in second place with Origen, H2K will be look to clinch a place in the summer split playoffs.

H2K this week will be looking for a chance to prove their strength against the might of Fnatic and break away from Origen in the fight for second place.

H2K Last week:

H2K had another great performance last week with wins over Elements and Unicorns of Love. In their game vs Elements, H2K went even over the first 20 minutes, not able to create a snowball which has won them so many games this split. They managed to turn it on around the 25 minute mark with a great performance from Hjarnan on Jinx.

In their win vs UOL, Ryu looked like a world beater going 13/1/6 on Jayce. H2K managed to deal with UOL and their chaotic skirmishing style and proved themselves the more controlled and disciplined team.

This week –


This is the big test for H2K. Fnatic are still unbeaten this split at 12-0 and look in top form on their way to the summer playoffs. Fnatic, however, did show some signs of weakness vs Giants last week and I’m sure Prolly will be taking all he can from that game. Rekkles seems to be finding his best form this season carrying Fnatic with his Kalista games last week.

H2K will look to their early rotations to give them a lead as Fnatic seem untouchable during early skirmishes at the moment. A snowball through either Ryu or Hjarnan will be H2K’s best bet at taking a victory as Fnatics focus on the toplane could leave them exposed.

Key Match-up: Rekkles vs Hjarnan

Although many might feel the powerhouse midlaners will be the focus of this game, I would argue that the AD carry’s will have more power in the outcome of this game. With both teams extremely decisive when playing with an advantage, a Kalista pick will be either first picked or banned. Rekkles is continuing to show how important his inclusion to the squad really is and Hjarnan continues to impress as both demonstrate their ability to carry their respective teams.


Roccat are slowly beginning to show the kind of performances you would expect from them. Although they fell in their game vs Gambit, they showed great promise when crushing SK. As the team continues to gel with the acquisition of MR.Rallez, Roccat are a team on the up.

H2K, however, should be able to deal with all that Roccat can bring. They move around the map better and have a midlaner that can go toe-to-toe with Nukeduck. If H2K are able to grab themselves a winning midlane matchup they should be able to squeeze Roccat out of the map.

Key Match-up: Ryu vs Nukeduck

The two main carries of the team, attention will be heavily focused mid this game. Nukeduck has continued to disappoint his fans, giving what we’re told about his soloque performances. He is going to need to start demonstrating an ability to beat the like of Ryu on a consistent basis for Roccat to contend for the top spot. Ryu has been playing as good as ever, his Jayce seems ban worthy and we’re waiting to see if he has picked up AP Ezreal.

It’s all about their game vs Fnatic this week. H2K will want to show they have what it takes to beat Fnatic going into the summer playoffs. The game vs Roccat should be a formality given what we have seen so far but focus is the key as we begin to reach the end of the season.

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