EU LCS Week 7: Fnatic

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A look at current LCS leaders Fnatics upcoming matches this week in the EU.

Currently on the longest win-streak in EU LCS history, Fnatic hold the top spot by a three-game margin.

Having last week already secured a place for the summer play-offs, Fnatic will be looking to maintain their momentum against their closet rivals H2K and Origen this week.

Fnatic last week:

Fnatic continued trends with a 2-0 week against Copenhagen Wolves and Giants. After the infamous restart in their game vs CW, Fnatic struggled to deal with a fed PepiiNERO playing AP Ezreal. Having been matched in terms of skirmishing throughout the game and almost giving away their first defeat of the summer split, Fnatics AD carry Rekkles took centre stage and managed to carry his team to victory ending the game 13/3/4 on Kalista.

In a much more controlled game against CW, Fnatic set the pace from the start getting Huni ahead on Rumble, Fnatic were able to dictate the rest of the map and fought with clean execution throughout. Although not against the toughest of opponents, Fnatic will look to recreate the manner in which they dominated the CW.

This week -


With H2K also coming off a 2-0 week, Fnatic are going to have their work cur out for them. Their wins against UOL and Elements were as clean as they have looked all split. Ryu seems to be on top form, given the likes of Jayce and Hjarnan continue to make a name as a top AD carry in EU.

Fnatic will go into this as favourites, their skirmishing in the early game seems unmatched at the moment. H2K are infamous for accumulating gold leads from the 15 to 20 minute mark but might not be given the opportunity if Reignover manages to get his lanes ahead.

Key Match-up: Rekkles vs Hjarnan

Although many might feel the powerhouse midlaners will be the focus of this game, I would argue that the AD carry's will have more power in the outcome of this game. With both teams extremely decisive when playing with an advantage, a Kalista pick will be either first picked or banned. Rekkles is continuing to show how important his inclusion to the squad really is and Hjarnan continues to impress as both demonstrate their ability to carry their respective teams.


The most hyped game in the EU LCS. Xpeke and his men fell in the first meeting against his former team. Origen are currently tied 2nd with H2K three games behind Fnatic having tied their games 1-1 last week. Having shown extreme dominance in their games with early leads, Origen will be looking to take the game to Fnatic from the first minute. They showed in their game against the Unicorns that they can make mistakes. Soaz looked incredibly uncomfortable on the toplane Ekko and failed to execute in almost every team-fight. A more familiar pick should assure a better look against the champs as they try to tie the head-to-head having lost previously this season.

Key Match-up: Soaz vs Huni

The beasts of the toplane, EU currently seems to be heavily focused on toplane carries and there are few in the west better than Soaz and Huni. In terms of picks both have shown proficiency on Rumble, with Huni seemingly the expert on Ekko and Soaz playing very well on Fizz. Reignover tends to focus a lot more of his time to the toplane than Amazing does so Origen will have to work around that in order to keep Huni in check.

This is Fnatics toughest week this year, can they continue their domination of EU? or will one of the challengers manage to bring down this titan?

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