Adventure Time renewed for Season 8

Adventure Time

Oh my Glob! Finn & Jake will return for more Adventure Time.

Cartoon Network have announced that we will all be returning to the Land of Ooo soon as Adventure Time has been renewed for an eighth season.

The announcement came after Cartoon Network reviewed it's programming to ascertain the most popular series, joining Adventure Time will be new seasons for Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence.

In a press release Cartoon Network's Chief Content Officer, Rob Sorcher said "It's a banner year for Cartoon Network Studios original productions, It is particularly gratifying to see shows so creatively forward-thinking also deliver so powerfully with the audience.”

Adventure Time is no doubt the stand out show from the list and has seen unprecedented popularity among children and adults around the world.

The show, created by Pendleton Ward, follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog who live in the Land of Ooo, a magical land created after the world was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. They are joined by Princess Bubblegum who rules the Candy Kingdom, B-MO their house-mate who is also a handheld computer, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Flame Princess, Tree Trunks among many others trying to save the kingdom from evil. That evil often emerges when the shows chief protagonists appear, such as Ice King who just wants to marry a Princess, The Earl of Lemongrab who believes everyone is unacceptable, Peppermint Butler who's motives are often unclear and the worst of all The Liche who seeks to control and destroy all of Ooo.

Quite what season eight will bring is unclear but we certainly hope to see more of the relationship between Marceline and Ice King as well as plenty of crazy new music.


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