A prototype console has potentially been rediscovered after more than twenty years.

It is no secret that Sony and Nintendo once worked together on a console that, over the years, has been referred to as the Nintendo Playstation. The console was developed in collaboration as a follow up the SNES but until now details on how it looked have been slim, with the world believing the prototypes had been destroyed or had in fact never existed.

We all know the story of what happened next, Sony and Nintendo had a very public falling out with Sony taking the Playstation concept for themselves, leaving Nintendo with little more than the N64 to play with. The Sony Playstation would go on to change gaming forever and dominated the games market for years to come.

Now it seems as though the rumours of prototype Nintendo Playstations were true as someone claiming to be the son of a former employee Terry Diebold, who worked for Advanta Corporation under former head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Olaf Olafsson, is claiming to have found one of the original prototypes in his attic.

The story has been met with both excitement and doubt in equal measure with many loving the idea that this ultra rare console has been sitting in a former employees attic whilst others are calling it a hoax.

The details have emerged after Dan Diebold, son of the aforementioned Terry, posted pictures of the console on reddit earlier today. The photos certainly appear real, showing a Playstation console that looks similar to a SNES with a SNES style controller. The plastic is yellowing and the console has a CD drawer as well as a slot for cartridges. 


All images courtesy of Dan Diebold

As well as the console Dan also claims that the box contained a CD-Rom and a Cartridge which is identical to a SNES or Super Famicom cartridge. He has not been able to test it yet as the power lead is missing but he says he’s going to test it once he gets it back to his home in Denver, Colorado.

We really hope that this is real and that the console and accompanying bits still work, what could be on them?

Dan has also made a video of the discovery that you can see below.

It all looks fairly legit but we have to admit that if it were us we would be handling that thing with gloves on and not ripping the cartridge in and out or waving it about the kitchen but that’s just us.

Only time will tell if this is real or not and we’ll be sure to follow the story closely.


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