After another great start to the League of Legends Championship series season, it seems like CLG are yet again about to fall off when it matters most.

Since my introduction to League of Legends, I have found there to be only one definitive truth when it comes to the competitive scene…..CLG will let me down when things start to get serious.

A brief history should help those that might not fully understand what I’m rambling about.

In every season of the LCS to date, CLG has finished the summer split in relegation’s despite being a favorite going into the spring play-offs. At their last international tournament, IEM Cologne, CLG lost in the final 3-1 Vs Gambit Gaming. On top of that, CLG hasn’t beaten their biggest rivals TSM in over 14months of competitive play.

At this point in time, CLG currently sits 5th in the NA standings. After going 0-4 in the last two weeks of play, CLG are dropping of the pace again and would seem to be trickling back into old habits.

In their games this past weekend vs TIP and Gravity, CLG seemingly used a strategy older than the LCS itself. 

Protect the Doublelift.

Now I am not against protecting the AD comps, but in a meta that is defined by poke or hard engage, there is little roam for a two threat team with minimal CC to do its thing. It would seem that with their defeats to TSM and Team Liquid the week previously, CLG are hitting the panic button.

Sure enough, just like a page torn from the history books, there seems to be only one player willing to step up and take responsibility for winning his team the game. That player would be CLGs infamous AD carry Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

As for the rest of CLGs roster, performances have begun to slip. The playmaker support in Aphromoo showed us his worst Morganna performance in months in their lose to TIP, Xmithie has continued to under perform, miss playing team-fights on a consistent basis. Zionspartan seems determined to play team fight focused champions such as Rumble or Maokai, when it is becoming ever more clear that his skill set cries out for the split pushers.

CLG are still in a decent position in terms of going to the play-offs and although their recent picks leave a cause for concern, Doublelift seems to be performing better than we have seen him in some time. With the emergence of Dignitas and Gravity this split, CLG are going to need to be in top form heading into the last few weeks before the LCS playoffs.

As a CLG fan, I’m really hoping this isn’t just the same broken record. CLG has shown us in their wins that their map movements are top class, and they have a great understanding of the game before 20 minutes. Yet their inability to team fight and lack of respect for their opposition’s damage potential seems to be shooting them in the foot. CLG need to turn it on and quickly, because I’m sick and tired of hearing “oops I did it again!”.

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