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With Cloud 9 struggling in the summer split, it was leaked today that they will be bringing back Hai to the starting roster.

Earlier today news broke across Reddit that Cloud 9 would be bringing back their retired shot-caller "Hai" Du lam to replace William "Meteos" Hartman in the jungle for week 6 of the summer LCS.

After a dreadful first half of this summer split, Cloud 9 have found themselves 7th in the standings and two games off a place in the summer play-offs. For Cloud 9 fans this change could not have come soon enough.

Since the introduction of Nicolaj "Incarnation" Jensen to the midlane, Cloud 9 have looked a shell of their former self. The fantastic mid-game rotations and ballsy plays removed and left was a team who looked clearly out of their depth. Cloud 9 have often been a team that fell behind in the first 15 minutes of the game, what made them special was how consistently they could turn those deficits into victories.

The big question at the start of this split was whether Cloud 9 could retain their fantastic shot-calling, while bringing in a mechanical god to the midlane, and the answer was a resounding 'no'. Hai was the heart that made Cloud 9 tick, take him away and you have nothing more than a solid bot-lane and a jungler who would prefer to not be seen nor heard.

Sneaky shed some light on the situation through his stream, admitting: "Something about our combo of 5 just didn't work together, honestly. Like: Meteos, sneaky, lemon, balls, incarnation. It was never going terribly, but something didn't click. I think it may have been personalities just not being right for the team. Like, when we had Hai, it was a super f**king outgoing shot caller that knows what he wants to do and would **** you in the *** if you're not doing it. But if without him it's like, no one really there to fill the void."

Will the gamble to bring back Hai so late into the season work? Well, with their current roster showing no signs of improvement and a place at worlds seemingly ever less likely, right now is the time to put it all on black.

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