On the rise Najin e-mFire take on KT Rolster with both looking to snatch up all wins they can heading into the second half of the LCK League of Legends summer.

Team Compositions:

KT Rolster – KT decided for more of the same as they again pick up Kogmaw for Arrow. This time however they grabed Reksai for Score and Shen for Ssumday in the toplane. Edge is able to get Azir and Piccabo rounds out the comp with Thresh. A bit more focused on peeling this game. Azir and Thresh can create very good walls to slow down Najin and if Arrow is left alone he will chew through any team. The Shen pick also allows for some split push play for Ssumday and more protection for their hyper carries.

Najin e-mFire – Najins response is very good, Shyvana is picked up on the toplane for Duke and should create a sizable advantage in the early stages. Ohq picks up Vayne which is another good counter for Shen but at the cost of any laning power vs the opposing bot-lane. Watch is able to picked up his most comfortable champion in Eve and they decided to go with a Viktor to deal with Azirs zone control in the midlane. The Alistar pick for Pure could work very well for Najin if Pure realizes his job should be to peel for the Vayne rather than engaging team fights.

Thoughts – Very similar to the first game as both teams pick almost standard meta compositions focusing on area control with great late game scaling. If the toplaners face off in a 1vs1 Ssumday will have problems. Another point to add is that if Najin falls behind early their comp doesn’t have any tools to stall out the game, as Vayne + Shyvana provide no wave clear for the team.

Early Game:

00:50: KT invades into Najins redside jungle but are spotted by Watch who drops a defensive ward at his buff. Both teams place standard lane swap wards.

2:30: We have standard lanes, Najin are going to want to pressure top side as much as they can while KT should look bot for their best chance to snowball.

5:30: Duke is exploiting the match-up top and begins proxy farming behind KTs turret.

7:30: Incredibly greedy attempt to steal the red-buff by Watch and he gets punished by KT instantly,Ssumday uses Stand United on Edge but it comes to nothing as Edge picks up first blood.

9:40: Now here is a incredibly poor read from Watch, Najin spot Score invading onto their blue-side jungle. Watch decides to back off as he cannot fight a Reksai this early, he does so however without placing any wards (of which he has two) and walking around the back of his jungle. This puts him ridiculously far from mid and bot lane, both of which are being pressured at the moment. Watch makes the wrong choice and Edge dives onto Ggoong midlane with help from Score. 

10:10: Ggoong outplays the 2vs1 with a great flash from the Shurima Shuffle of Edge. You could argue that the CC wasn’t chained correctly but it came down to the millisecond so it would be rather harsh. With the tower dive failing Duke teleports down as Najin collapse, a flash pulverize from Pure secures the kill for Ggoong and the first dragon for Najin.

14:15: Shyvana is starting to pull away from Shen top with the tower already falling Duke is stealing away KTs blue buff.

14:45: Watch is playing so sloppy and not sticking to his strong side of the map. A careless roam into the blue-side jungle is punished by a roaming Piccaboo and KT manage to give the kill over to Arrow.

15:15: Ggoong all in’s Edge in the midlane but Score and Ssumday react fast enough to take down Ggoong, unfortunately for KT edge decides to walk into a Death Ray from Ggoong. 1for1 trade but Stand United is down.

Mid Game:

17:30: Najin are still not capitalizing on their toplane advantage and KT are able to sit and wait for their cool-downs to come back up.

18:20: The CS greed for an AD carry player is too much and Ohq makes a terrible choice Tumbling forward into Piccabos ult range. A 5vs5 begins with Ssumday using Stand United onto Piccabo. Duke teleports very late and Ohq goes down before he arrives. Duke manages to pick off Piccabo before backing off. Ssumday with a great flash taunt gets Score the kill onto Pure as both team disengage. 2for2 in the end.

20:10: Very poor rotational play from Najin again as Duke goes straight topside again while Ggoong stays bottom. The rest of Najin have no wave clear what-so-ever and KT pick up a free middle inner tower.

22:30: Duke is marginally growing his lead in the toplane at the cost of the bottom inner tower for KT. The decision making is way off this game and KT are able to create a 2k gold lead due to these poor rotations.

24:30: KT finally realize Dukes insistence on pushing the toplane and set up a pick just inside of the Najin red side jungle, Ssumday picks up the kill.

25:10: Edge all ins Ggoong under his tower but Ggoong is able to flash downwards while having towards the red side jungle where he has support waiting. Ssumday uses Stand Unite onto Edge.

Late Game:

25:30 With Arrow split pushing top Pure flash engages onto KT just outside of dragon pit. Watch is able to flank around onto Edge for the kill but Ssumday is able to take out Ohq. Score nets a three man knock up to take down Ggoong and the rest of KT collapse onto Watch and Pure. 4for1 in favour of KT with Kog being able to split the entire time.

29:00: Najin make a poor rotation to the toplane with three members and KT capitalizes with a mid inhibtor turret.

30:00: I can only imagine Najin are on full tilt mode here. They decide to rush a baron that is covered by wards from KT. Piccaboo and Duke try to hold KT off as the baron falls down to 1200hp, Score sneaks through in the last second smiting away the baron from Najin. The fight afterwards is a slaughter due to Najins poor positioning. Baron, four kills and two inhibitors for KT. They slowing rotate top and end the game at 33: 47

Story of the game – Najin performed the worst i have ever seen them play. They did no recognize their win conditions or their points of power in the game. They simply made to many mistake, or should i say didnt push for their advantages enough and it cost them in terms of their compositions scaling. All credit to KT though as they team fought more consistantly than Najin throughout this game.

Story of the Series:

Najin showed how much they can tilt, despite having potential to make things happen in game to the shot calling wasn’t there. Watch, Ohq and Duke all underperformed and were beaten very convincingly.

KT Rolster showed their ability to play a very solid game and close it out in a textbook manner. there were very few misplays and consistent good vision control, the best i have seen from them this season. Its hard to say whether or not game two had much to do with their own play, but it did demonstrate they could quickly identify what they needed to do in order to win. KT should be please by this win and if Ssumday can continue to perform this level KT could cause a few upsets towards the end of the season.

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