LCK: Najin e-mFire Vs. KT Rolster: Game 1

League Of Legends

On the rise Najin e-mFire take on KT Rolster with both looking to snatch up all wins they can heading into the second half of the LCK League of Legends summer.

Team Compositions:

Najin e-mFire -  Najin decided to go with a heavy focus on laning and mid game power with a Rumble top, Reksai jungle and Corki AD carry. They picked up Kassadin into Viktor mid which gives them the scaling advantage and an Alistar to round out the composition with dive potential.

KT Rolster - KT drafted a more kite centric team with disengage tools, Viktor mid and Eve jungle are there to move in and out with a Gnar top that looks to provide more consistent crow control. They opted for a Kogmaw AD carry which gives them huge potential in the mid to late game along with an Janna support to disengage.

Thoughts  - This game will come down solely to the laning and the pressure from the junglers. All of the lanes even out around level 4-5 with no big counter match-up in any lane. It will come down to the better rotations and team fights that should easily snowball either side ahead.

Early Game:

1:00: Both teams get wards in their opposing jungles to check for lane swaps

2:00: with no vision from Najin in their redside jungle, Score and Ssumday steal Watchs red buff

5:15: Failed gank mid by Score, no summoners burnt.

6:00: Using Eve's invisibility KT manage to catch pure warding mid, with a four man collapse Edge picks up first blood for KT.

6:35: Ssumday takes down Duke toplane in a 1vs1. This is big for KT as it should give them pressure on all lanes.

12:20: With winning lanes KT are able to take the first dragon uncontested.

16:00: Mid lane falls in favor of KT. They have Najins red side jungle covered with wards and are controlling the game very well.

Mid Game:

17:00: Top tower falls in favor of KT.

19:00: A small fight a bot tri turns into a five vs five with both toplaners using teleport. Ssumday lands a flash Gnar onto three of Najin. Edge full combos all three and picks up a double in a 4 for 0 for KT with dragon and a tower picked up shortly after.

20:10: Ssumday takes down Watch in a 1vs1 at blue but is collapsed on by Najin as Ggoong picks up his first kill. Over aggressive from Ssumday but they have a big enough lead to take these risks.

22:00: KT manages to pick up bottom tower with the man advantage but KT responds with the mid inner.

Late Game:

26:00: KT picks up a third dragon, Najin are unable to contest anymore.

29:30: With Gnar splitting bottom lane KT attempt a baron rush. Gnar teleports before the fight as Najin try to land some poke. Piccaboo overextends trying to zone and gets picked off by Ggoong as KT picks up the baron. Pure and Watch engage onto Edge but the damage threats from Najin refuse to go into the baron pit allowing Edge to pick off Watch, as a retreating Najin run for their base they get picked off by Arrow. Ohq manages to grab a consolation tower mid as KT win the fight 3for1.

32:40: KT in complete control decide to wait and pick up dragon four and eventually start shoving down the bot-lane.

33:30: With Najin in no position to stop KT they lose an inhibitor bot.

35:30: Ggoong and Watch get caught farming their blue side jungle. KT push down top inhibitor and eventually the win. KT wins the game at 36:11

Story of the game:

With the lanes so even the game was always going to be decided on who got the early advantage, with Ssumday surprisingly taking down Duke 1vs1 KT was in prime position to start snowballing. They played out the game very cleanly and maintained vision control of BOTH jungle sides. Despite some over aggression from Ssumday it was a very good win from KT and a positive start to the series.

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