LCK spring runner-up KOO Tigers take on CJ Entus. Both are tied at 6-3 and can move into second place behind SKT1.

Team Compositions:

CJ Entus decided to run a heavy zone control line up with an Azir mid and Corki AD Carry, they also drafted good split push for the late game with a Shen top and Reksai jungle allowing for a 1-3-1 split pushing. KOO Tiger’s comp revolved around kiting with a Viktor, Eve and Sivir combo mixed with hard engage from Annie and a Nautilus Top. CJ win out in this Pick/Ban phase. Their comp provided a lot more flexibility in terms of win conditions and their Shen pick was not countered at all, allowing for him to become unkillable if not shut down early. KOO would need to focus primarily on the bot-lane match-up to create a chance to snowball.

Early Game:

2:00: Both teams fan out, no deep wards in either jungle and we get standard lanes.

7:30: Wisdom has not been able to create opportunities early, KOO has tried to set up plays bottom but their lack of CC means unless CJ over extend they are forced to back off.

8:20: Gorilla gets caught clearing a Reksai tunnel in dragon pit. Very risky time try as he knew two members had just based.

11:00: CJ have attempted to get deep wards in KOOs blue side jungle for the past minute. KOO doesn’t expect the re-invade and Wisdom is forced to burn flash. Madlife flashes out of the potential collapse from Kuro. Shy burns stand united on Ambition, very sloppy from both teams at the moment.

12:10: A roam mid for Smeb forces an ult-flash from Coco.

13:00 With Shen and Azir ult down KOO forces a dragon. CJ take the bait allowing Wisdom to flash engage onto Coco. KOO picks up first dragon.

15:50: Big 5vs5 in KOOs blue side jungle. KOO use Sivir and Annie ult to engage onto Ambition for deep warding, Shy uses Stand United onto ambition as Smeb Teleports in. Gorilla and Ambition fall first after their engages. Smeb ults onto Space, Prey tries to flash in for the kill but dies instantly to the four man CJ. Wisdom flanks around the tri brush to finish off Space but is taken down by Shy. Coco ults Smeb and Kuro, bring down Smeb but is trapped next to a wall forcing him to take Viktors full burst combo. A hook from madlife locks down Kuro for the kill but he manages to use a death ray bringing down Madlife and Coco before falling. 5 for 4 in favour of CJ but KOO should have got more given the terrain played out perfectly for their composition.

18:00: KOO put three people topside, they try to engage on Shy but he is too tanky. They end up taking top tower.

19:00: CJ try to push down mid tower, KOO are clearing wards on their blue side jungle and force CJ to back from mid.

19:30: KOO force a dragon with Shy pushing down their top tower, Ambition tries the steal too late and KOO punish, Shy again uses Stand United on Ambition but he falls as the fight starts. Coco goes for the Shurima shuffle onto for four people of KOO. This splits KOOs focus and Coco manages to get back to his team before KOO can turn. Kuro tries to punish with a full combo onto Coco but can’t net the kill and goes down to Shy. This leaves KOO in a bad position as CJ collapse onto Prey and win the fight. 34 for 1 in favour of CJ as they pick up Gorilla running away.

22:00: KOO sets up a pick with vision in their red side jungle, three ults and a summoner burnt but Ambition manages to escape.

Mid Game:

25:00: Smeb is forced to use teleport to escape a collapse from CJ.

26:00 CJ tries for a dragon but do not commit, a failed smite by Ambition allows KOO to pick up the dragon. KOO now have three dragons to none of CJ.

28:30 CJ rush a Baron now with KOO not having vision, Madlife holds up KOO from getting to the pit and CJ secure the first baron of the game.

29:00: CJ are now perfectly set up to push down these towers. They get mid inner as Shy burns teleport. They move top to pick that up also.

This is a major misplay for CJ, their comp is perfect for splitting with baron yet they decide to go as five to one lane, not using Shens full potential and are not able to pressure the inhib towers.

Late Game:

31:30: Big misplay from CJ, they try to bait a dragon and engage onto Wisdom yet do not fully commit and Ambition fall. They are forced to give dragon over to KOO who now have four dragons.

33:00 CJ now finally tries to set up the 1-3-1 split but KOO responds to the lack of vision and collapse onto Shy. KOO are able to recall and do not lose anything.

36:00: after failed engage by KOO, CJ tries to start baron with Sivir ult down. As the fight breaks out both teams focus down the opposing top and jungle, with both junglers falling. Coco misplays and tries to re-engage but gets brought down straight away. 2 for 4 in favour of KOO.

38:40: KOO gets a pick onto Ambition can go on to claim dragon 5.

40:00: KOO push down to take the mid inhibitor as CJ refuse to fight against a dragon five KOO.

41:30: After pushing down to CJs bottom inhibitor, KOO decides to dive using Sivir ult. With mixed focus onto Shy and Ambition they finnally manage to pick up Ambition. Coco, however, is able to bring Smeb, Wisdom and Kuro down to critical hp. Coco manages to pick up a triple taking out Wisdom, Kuro and Gorilla. Prey manages his pick up Coco but is taken down by Space. Smeb teleports back into the fight to fall to Shy. A five for three in favour of CJ. The big misplay in this fight was prey running past Coco allowing him to clean up the rest of his team.

45:30: CJ try to defend KOO from getting another dragon five, Coco, however, gets too close to nautilus and is ulted. Wisdom flanks from behind and Gorilla flash Tibbers deleting Coco from the map. KOO collapse onto the retreating CJ and pick up a three for nothing and another fifth dragon. KOO go on to end the game.

Story of the game:

CJ Entus did not use the strength of their composition correctly at all. They were in the lead, and controlled the pace of the game until the 33 minute mark. Their misplays allowed KOO to set up a dragon win condition which was the only way they could fight the better scaling CJ comp. Coco had a very poor game choosing to engage with his ult rather than sit in the backline to dps. You can see from his damage charts as he is 7k behind that of Kuro and 5k behind Space. CJ Entus could have won this game.

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