LCK: CJ Entus VS KOO Tigers Game 2

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LCK spring runner-up KOO Tigers take on CJ Entus. Both are tied at 6-3 and can move into second place behind SKT.

Team Compositions:

With KOO banning out Shy's Shen from game one, KOO go for the same composition with Maokai replacing Nautilus in the toplane. CJ Entus swap out Madlife's Thresh for Max's Morgana and pick up Gnar in the toplane. Both comps play the exact same before with KOO looking to hard engage and CJ looking to split come the late game.

Early Game:

2:00: This time KOO decides to lane swap with an unfavorable match-up in the toplane.

3:20: Shy tries to catch the wave in the toplane but KOO are able to react with a four-man push. The rest of CJ cannot rotate fast enough and Shy is forced from the tower.

4:00: Interesting decision from KOO, they decide to leave the toplane allowing Shy to get cs under his tower, Gorilla and Smeb swap into the bot-lane for a 2vs2 against Max and Space. Prey returns to the toplane.

5:20: Gorilla flash stuns Max with Wisdom coming from behind. First blood for Wisdom.

7:00: Gorilla returns to the toplane creating a 2vs1 for both teams.

8:20: Kuro and Wisdom dive Shy in a 4vs1 toplane as he is unable to run from tower.

9:30: Wisdom has been everywhere this game, he ganks Shy toplane netting him his third kill of the game but unfortunately falls to the tower. 1for1 overall.

11:00: Big misplay from Coco as he fails to Shurima shuffle Kuro into his waiting team. Kuro drops his full combo and there is a chase to the opposing mid tower. Smeb is able to flash under tower to lock up Ambition and net Kuro his first kill of the game.

12:00: KOO grab their first dragon uncontested.

14:00: With zero wards around the midlane for CJ, Wisdom is able to find a kill onto Coco. KOO now lead 5-1 in kills with a 3k gold lead.

15:00: Wisdom find another kill onto Shy toplane going 5-1-1.

Mid Game:

18:00: Teleport from Smeb midlane as KOO pressure the turret, Prey pops Sivir ult and they dive Coco and Ambition picking up Ambition. However, the response teleport from Shy picks up CJ two kills. Rushed from KOO as they look to extend their lead onto CJ. Mid tower drops for KOO during the fight.

19:00: CJ are able to pick up dragon in the aftermath of the midlane dive.

20:10: KOO invade onto CJs red buff. Ambition flashes onto Kuro for the engage but the follow up damage just isn't there and Kuro is able to bring four members of CJ to under half hp. The rest of KOO collapses allowing KOO to win the fight in a 4 for 0. To make matters worse, Prey was pushing botlane the whole time resulting in another two towers for the KOO tigers.

22:30: KOO take down mid inner.

24:30: CJ get caught pushing the midlane with a teleport from Smeb. KOO clean up CJ with a 4 for 0 and a baron buff.

26:00: The game is won at this point, CJ tries a last ditch attempt but they simply do not have the items. KOO wins the game in 27:30.

Story of the game:

Wisdom destroyed CJ this game, very bad warding on CJs end allowed him to constantly get flanks onto their laners. KOO should some impatience trying to close out the game with risky fights in the midlane and at CJs red buff but ultimately the damage had already been done by the KOO Tigers.

Story of the Series:

CJ were finished after game one, they had every chance to win but didn't play their composition correctly. KOO are not known for winning early game and destroyed CJ in game two. CJ will need to learn how to finish off their games with these disengage split push comp. I don't think KOO played that well in this series but they didn't have to, their confidence in the late game shone through and game two was over before it started. 

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