LPL: LGD vs Qiao Gu Game 2

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Chinese League of Legends 2nd place Qiao Gu take on last seasons runner-up LGD.

Team Compositions:

Not wanting to deal with TcT and DoinB, LGD this game choose to ban out the Viktor and Annie from their opponents. Qiao Gu  takes a page straight out of SKT1s book as they again decide to run another kite composition but this time with the emphasis on their AD carry player TnT with a Lucian, lulu mid and Janna support. LGDs draft, however, doesn't seem to have a clear identity, a Sivir, Alistar lane can engage onto any team but with an Ahri mid, rumble top they seem to be relying on their individual laning prowess.

Early Game:

QG this game decides to opt for the lane swap, although they have the potential to outplay their opposing bot-lane.

02:50: Something I haven't seen in competitive all! Flame decides to teleport top with PYL there to create a 2vs2. Teams haven't been doing this because of the dive potential with the likes of Alistar and Gragas but LGD are very quick to recognise that QG's composition does not have the same threat. It's small decisions like this that separate the good from the best teams.

4:40: Imp gets caught over extending but QG execute the gank very poorly, TBQ arrives to turn the situation around giving Imp first blood.

6:30: Here we see how QG respond on the fly.....and the answer is not very well. Struggling to know how to correctly play out their lanes they decide to go with the dive onto Flame, but it's 4 minutes late. This allows LGD to take a dragon and bottom tower uncontested.

8:30: Using their control of the bottom side jungle very well LGD picks off V and DoinB. Qiao Gu seem to be out of sorts this game

10:00: What begins with an over extension from Imp turns into a sloppy 5vs5 in the mid-lane that ends in a 3 for 3. It's China....these kind of things happen.

14:00: LGD keep up the pressure with a second dragon. A good idea from Qiao Gu not to contest as any more gain for LGD would surely mean the end of the game.

17:20: Topside falls in favour of LGD, a dive onto V forces the ult away followed by a rotation from Imp and TBQ.

18:50: Swift doing swift things, a potential pick onto flame was let slip due to some mechanical misplays. LGD are doing a great job at keeping deep wards within QGs red side jungle, allowing for a third dragon without any contention.

26:00: QG have done a good job of clearing and contesting for vision on their jungle over the last 4 minutes. With LGD looking set to claim the fourth dragon its now or never for QG.

26:30: QG do not manage to get the dragon but Swift gets a great engage onto GodV who barely escapes. Imp is causing serious damage at this point and gets a double (he actually almost loses this fight for LGD but greeding for kills with a pointless flash onto lulu). PYL and Flame do an excellent job of holding a frontline for GodV to continue to deal damage. QGs comp is starting to show signs of life, however, as TnT is able to also get a double kill with GodV barely able to take him out. 4 for 3 in favour of LGD.

28:40 LGD begin a fight at two separate parts of the map, winning both and picking up Baron, quickly going on to end the game from this point.

Story of the game:

Qiao Gu simply didnt know how to play their early game, as soon as Flame teleported to the top lane QG were simply playing catch up. LGD punished them heavily and snowballed a lead.

Story of the series:

LGD are still a top team in China, although they have slumped during this first half of the LPL, it is clear they can still destroy the top teams if they are given a lead. Yet their seemingly cocky style will still get them into trouble, Imp will still over extend, they will still fight for no good reason at all. It may not be textbook, but LGD do take the game to you like no one else.

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