Graphic Tyson Kidd picture after surgery


Tyson Kidd posts a graphic picture of his neck post surgery.

Injured WWE star Tyson Kidd posted a graphic picture of his neck after he underwent surgery which has a lot of fans worried about the star's future.

Here is the post: 

Kidd's injury has been quite the mystery, with WWE reluctant to offer fans any update on the former WWE Tag Team Champion's condition. However, it turned out to be quite clear that Kidd was suffering from a severe neck injury after a dark match with Samoa Joe on Raw.

The injury has been described as a freak accident and there is reportedly no heat on Joe for causing the unfortunate incident. but that is of little consolation to Kidd.

Tyson Kidd had been on one of the best rolls in his WWE career, lifting the tag team titles with Cesaro as the pair formed such an incredible and formidable team.

There had been rumours of WWE getting behind Kidd with a big singles push after such an impressive showing with the Swiss Superman but, of course, those plans are now on hold.

Fellow neck injury victims Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge have reached out to Kidd to offer him some advice in what must be the toughest period of his career to date. Many fans had been frustrated at the lack of opportunity Kidd was receiving on WWE TV and for him to seize a rare moment to shine and run with it like he did, but only for it to be taken away by a freak accident must be an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

It must be assumed Kidd will be out of action for a year - two.

It appears the injury to Kidd means plans for Cesaro are being re-written and it is rumoured he will be inserted into the John Cena and Kevin Owens feud after facing Cena on this week's Raw.