Huge TNA angle begins - Jeff Jarrett returns

TNA Knockouts

TNA co-founder, and current Global Force Wrestling founder, Jeff Jarrett made his return to TNA this past week.

There is a phrase often used in the wrestling business to 'never say never', and that old chestnut certainly proved true this past week on TNA.

After a messy exit from the company he and his father created, Jeff Jarrett made a shocking return to Impact this past week and announced himself as a competitor in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. This makes perfect sense as Jarrett's moniker during his time in TNA was the 'King of the Mountain' and he also created that match. It will be a fitting way for Jarrett to gain some closure on his in-ring TNA career on his own terms.

What was more intriguing about Jarrett's arrival was the mention of his new promotion Global Force Wrestling and the promotional company t-shirt he was wearing. This suggests that Jarrett may be sticking around longer than just the Slammiversary event otherwise it would not make complete sense to mention GFW.

There was some suggestions that TNA will be booking an invasion angle with GFW which could make for some very interesting television and if GFW secure their own TV distribution deal, could play out across either show. There have been rumours that Magnus will be joining GFW after the Slammiversary event, when his TNA contract expires, so we could have TNA stars defecting to GFW on television in storylines which would reflect their actual contractual obligations.

If this is the direction TNA are heading down, and we sincerely hope they are, it could be the shot in the arm the company have been in desperate need of for many years. New stars could be created and credited with saving the future of TNA which would put them over and make them a huge deal in the company.

Also on last week's episode of Impact, we saw the returns of Hernandez and Matt Morgan, who were two of TNA's most underrated stars before they left, so we can only hope the company have learnt from their mistakes when booking them moving forward now.

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