Enrique Pina assured that ties with Gino Pozzo and Granada, remain as strong as ever.

Over recent weeks there has been a level of uncertainty amongst the supporters of Granada, with little news released over new signings, or planning for the 2015-16 season in La Liga.

During that time, Granada club president Enrique Pina has been locked in negotiations with owner and backer, Gino Pozzo, regarding which directions to take planning.

At a press conference on Friday, Pina appeared before the media to explain his own circumstances, whilst he’s been negotiating with Pozzo, who also backs newly promoted Premier League side Watford, dismissing speculation there has been friction between the pair.

Pina explained: “I must clarify that when the season finished in La Liga, I needed a pause for reflection over my future and the future of the club, indicating to people around me that activity at the club shouldn’t stop.”

“Those were moments of reflection with the only person who I should reflect with at that time. Between Gino Pozzo and myself, there’s been no differences of opinion.”

“I spoke with Pozzo because I felt it was the right time to put myself before him, and explain my ideas, but there’s never been any friction between he and I, when it’s come to putting a team together, or starting a project.” He confirmed.

Further detailing the working relationship between himself and Pozzo, the Granada president underlined that the backing and support of the Italian, has always been firm and present.

“Our relationship is good.” Pina underlined. “He’s a person who has trusted me since I came to Granada, and over these last six years he’s always told me: ‘If you’re going to demand that the club grows, we have to make these investments’ – because there are opportunities in the market that when they’re in you’re hands, you can’t let them escape you.”

These words aimed at assuring that with the backing of Pozzo, the club will continue to receive investment support, and to sign players, whilst Pina himself is at the forefront of pushing for the best interests of Granada.

Pina faced a certain level of criticism last summer, having promised the club would make several important signings, which in the end didn’t materialise. Recalling events, he explained: “Last year I did an interview and made some declarations that weren’t lies, because we had four deals with players tied up, but in the end they didn’t happen.”

“Perhaps I was hasty in saying we were going to make those four important investments, but because of various footballing circumstances, they didn’t come to pass.” Pina admitted, recounting that at the very last minute and with verbal agreements reached with players, they ultimately pulled out of proposed deals, in order to move elsewhere.

As a result of the lengthy negotiations with Pozzo, there was certainty from Pina that Granada can enjoy a stronger season, with the aim of finishing this next campaign higher in La Liga.

He assured: “Now we’re looking at the market for opportunities, because Granada has to reach safety sooner this coming season, and not on the final day.”

Amongst the speculation over recent weeks, which was perhaps misinterpreted as a possible reason for delays in squad planning and any announcements, were reports that an investment group from Qatar wanted to buy the club.

Pina clarified: “I had a meeting whereby a person told me something that could potentially be very important for the club. This person had been calling me over a period of three months and in the end, I sat down with them, listened and nothing more.”

He also pointed out in no uncertain terms: “The club isn’t for sale, or sold, and I’m neither the owner of the club or the leading shareholder, and it will be him (Gino Pozzo) who takes the steps deemed appropriate.”

Offering further assurances that none of the negotiations have held the club back in their planning, contrary to suggestions it has, Pina emphasised: “The most important of all this is that whilst Pozzo and I were talking, the sporting management of the club wasn’t stopped. We have eight or nine negotiations with players which are underway, but not just since yesterday.”

“The club has been functioning normally throughout recent months and the work we’ve been doing should bear fruit. Work that we’ve been doing since the match against Atletico Madrid finished, and during the previous season.” He stressed.

Although the team have perhaps struggled on the pitch over the last four seasons in La Liga, off the pitch, Granada continue to grow with great strength. One of the major investments made, has been the construction of a €10 million training complex, which is almost ready for use.

Regarding this project, Pina concluded: “The aim is to inaugurate the new training complex to coincide with the start of pre-season for Granada CF.”

As if any further evidence that work behind the scenes hasn’t been held back, just a few short hours after Pina’s press conference, Granada officially announced the appointment of Jose Ramon Sandoval as manager for the 2015-16 season.

This came after his efforts in miraculously helping the club avoid relegation, with three wins and a draw from the last four games of the 2014-15 campaign, at a point where the team seemed almost destined for the drop.

Given the ongoing negotiations with potential squad additions, it’s certainly looking like the next week or so will bring plenty of further announcements from Granada.

Taking questions at the end of the press conference, when questioned regarding the possibility of player movements, between Watford, Granada and Udinese, Pina wouldn’t be drawn on confirming whether there would or wouldn’t be.

He also ruled out the suggestion of further friendlies between the three Pozzo related clubs, who he pointed out are all “individual” entities, with their own objectives and management structures.

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