Ed Miliband set to remain an MP

The former Labour leader is set to remain an MP until at least 2020, reports the Mirror.

Ed Miliband may have lost the general election as Labour leader, and he may have resigned his position the following morning, but he kept his seat. In fact the former Labour leader increased his own majority, despite Labour losing seats overall.

Ed Miliband remains an MP and is set to remain one until at least 2020, reports the Mirror.

According to the newspaper, the former Labour leader has made clear to friends that he will remain an MP for “at least” the next five years.

The paper has said that the younger Miliband brother will “launch a crusade against inequality by fighting to drive up the pay of Britain’s poorest and by taking on the nation’s fat cats.”

Ed Miliband may have lost the general election but he is likely to stick around. One wonders if he would even take up a position in the new shadow cabinet that will be formed after the new leader gets elected this September.

Such a decision would likely depend on who becomes leader and whether they would want Miliband in the shadow cabinet, and whether or not Miliband himself would want to be in the cabinet.

Miliband’s decision shows that he may have lost the general election but he his keeping his commitment to serve as MP for the people of Doncaster North and that he is to stick to his guns and fight inequality, rather than go away quietly and disappear from British politics.

Regarding the future, if David Miliband makes a return at some point in the next five years, as has been speculated, then that could make for some interesting politics on the opposition benches, especially if the elder Miliband ever challenges the new Labour leader for the top position.

Miliband lost the election, but he is not going away quietly.


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