Backstage WWE Title plans revealed, including Sheamus and Daniel Bryan


Sheamus had been planned to win the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase last year.

While the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match was a very entertaining affair last Sunday, many fans were left feeling underwhelmed by the actual result of the match as Sheamus secured himself a WWE Title shot at any time over the next year.

However, Sheamus being inserted back into the main event picture was meant to happen over a year ago as he was originally scheduled to turn heel and face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX but when CM Punk left, plans changed. 

Sheamus was then supposed to win the Money in the Bank ladder match last year but when that match became for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, due to Daniel Bryan's injury, plans changed yet again.

WWE then went ahead with who they thought would be the most credible person to drop the title to Brock Lesnar and build up his monster run, and that was obviously John Cena.

While there was another Money in the Bank ladder match for a title shot, Sheamus had already been booked for the first match and WWE did not want to change plans and cause possible spoilers.

WWE finally managed to follow through on a year long plan to have Sheamus win the Money in the Bank briefcase this year and this itself presents a few possibilities for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship moving forward.

Sheamus will most likely cash in his briefcase against the face who eventually takes the title of current champion Seth Rollins, whenever that moment comes. If this is the avenue WWE goes down, it would mean Rollins becomes a heel again after facing Triple H at Summerslam as a face which seems to be the most likely route WWE are going down. 

Other plans could see Rollins remaining a face after the feud with Triple H and Sheamus cashing in the briefcase on him which would lead to an alliance between the Irishman and The Authority. This would make storyline sense as Triple H has been a huge supporter of Sheamus behind the scenes and it is well documented that the pair work out together and share a close friendship. 

Although Sheamus' heel turn since his return has been an improvement from what we have seen from him before, his character is still in need of some depth and I feel we need to learn a bit more about him to make the WWE audience care about and invest in him.