Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 games will soon work on the Xbox One

Since the launch of the “Next Gen” consoles fans around the world have been bemoaning the lack of backwards compatibility, forcing them to essentially re-buy any games they want to play after upgrading, or keeping both consoles.

Now it seems as though Microsoft have been listening as Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One was finally confirmed at their E3 Conference this week. Following months of “remix”, “HD” and other such gimmicky releases to essentially sell old games to current gen owners fans had become annoyed, this announcement essentially changes everything.

Now those of us who kept their old 360 games will be laughing as very soon we’ll be able to play them on the Xbox One.

It will be interesting to see what this does to the 2nd hand market, potentially 360 games could go back up in price as they become useful once again.

But what of Playstation? Are any plans for backwards compatibility in the works for the PS4? The answer is a resounding no after Playstation posted on Twitter that they would not be introducing the function. This could well be a real coup for Xbox in the console wars, opening up a popular market and no doubt gaining some praise along the way.

So what else do you need to know?

Playing games from disc will require the player to partially download the game to the hard drive, this is due to the fact that the Xbox 360 functions will essentially be an emulator. 

You will be able to play online against players using 360’s, which is a big deal for games such as GTA Online, where the market share is still pretty even.

Pressing the View and Menu buttons on the controller simultaneously will bring up the old Xbox 360 home screen, allowing you to launch downloaded games from there.

Something else worth remembering is that games requiring special hardware, such as Rock Band, DJ Hero or Singstar, still won’t be compatible as this is essentially a software emulator.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is available for beta testing now with the function to be rolled out worldwide sometime this Autumn.

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