Daniel Bryan reveals favourite moment in wrestling


While Daniel Bryan's future may be uncertain, he revealed his all-time favourite moment as a WWE superstar.

Daniel Bryan has had an incredible career starting from humble beginnings in the indies to winning two matches and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. 

You would imagine that he would be spoilt for choice if he had to decide on an undisputed favourite moment in wrestling but he revealed this recently in an interview with The Asbury Park Press. Bryan's favourite moment in wrestling was on RAW in December 2013 from Seattle where former champions were in the ring to promote a Cena vs. Orton match.

"It was just supposed to be an interview between Triple-H, Randy Orton and John Cena, but the fans there weren't having it. They just started chanting 'Yes!' and 'Yes!' and 'Yes!' and 'Daniel Bryan!' and 'Yes!' and more Yes-ing to the point that they were ruining the segment.

"John Cena is so smart and so quick on his feet, he pulls me forward and asks me something to the effect of 'What's your name?' I said, 'Daniel Bryan,' and everybody cheers. 'Where are you from?' 'Aberdeen, Washington.' Everybody cheers louder. 'Were either your mom or dad a WWE superstar?' I said that no, my dad is a log scaler and logging is big in the area, so then everybody cheered.

"It's mostly special because that was the last time my dad got to see me wrestle before he passed away. And not only that, but he got mentioned. For me, that's a very special moment. That's my favorite, even more so than WrestleMania XXX. If you were to ask me my favorite moment in wrestling, that'd be it."

This is exactly why Bryan is adored by the WWE Universe, he chose a moment not depicting an glorious moment for him, which there would have been nothing wrong with him doing so, but he clearly values the more sentimental moments his career has afforded him.

Since Bryan's underdog rise to the top of WWE, he has been faced with several difficulties, including not only the loss of his father as he mentioned, but serious neck injuries which cut short both his reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion. 

While there is still no confirmation on his status, we can only hope Bryan returns to our screens soon regardless of his ability to wrestle or not because he is a person the WWE Universe can only rout for because the average person sees themselves in him despite his frightening talent and incredible determination.

Bryans recent injury issues gives fans even more reason to get behind him as he is evidently a person who has had to overcome the odds and several challenges to get exactly where he is today.

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