Top Five Wrestling Factions, including The Ministry and The Corporation


Despite dropping the Tag Team titles at Money in the Bank, The New Day faction have taken the WWE by storm. In light of that here is a countdown of the five best wrestling factions of all time.

5) The Ministry

The Undertaker was the number one heel in the WWE in the critically acclaimed Attitude Era so what better way to show his dominance than by having him as the cult leader of a satanic stable. Alongside Paul Bearer, Taker would employ the help of Mideon, Viscera, Bradshaw and Farooq as well as Gangrel, Edge and Christian to rule over WWE. The group would often ‘sacrifice’ their enemies which was in essence a crucifixion.

4) The Nation of Domination

The Nation was a militant group made up of disgruntled African-American stars who felt they were being held down in the WWE due to the colour of their skin. Initially, the leader was Farooq but The Rock would soon oust him as the leader of the faction which was also made up of D’Lo Brown, Mark Henry and Kama aka The Godfather. The Nation would embark on memorable feuds with DX which would become the basis of the epic Triple H and Rock feud which is still being teased today.

3) The Corporation

During Vince McMahon’s feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince would require the protection and help of a trusted faction to support him. Vince assembled a group made up of Kane, Big Bossman, Test, Ken Shamrock and pretty much anyone he could convince to assist him. The best thing about The Corporation was that it was always conceivable for someone to join them because they would be in The Chairman’s good books. Throughout the years we saw The Rock and Mankind join the group and it was great TV wondering who would sell out next.

2) DX

DX are often credited as being one of the main reasons that WWE were successful in the Monday Night Wars, as the group symbolised WWE’s new attitude. Triple H, sided by Chyna, was the new leader and he recruited X Pac and The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn to run amok on WWE. They also terrorised WCW, as the group infamously drove a tank to their rivals' headquarters but they were denied entry into the building Nitro was being filmed in. Despite that, they still managed to get WCW’s own fans to say the company sucked and embarrassingly reveal they received free tickets for the event exposing WCW’s trick of filling out arenas.

1) NWO

Single-handedly the group that revolutionised the industry, The NWO was the spark wrestling needed to become relevant and edgy again. It was obvious the faction were going to be a big deal as it was created through the inconceivable bombshell of Hulk Hogan’s heel turn and along with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the group did not look back. NWO added a never seen before layer of realism to wrestling which the business is struggling to re-create even today but the mastermind behind the invention, Eric Bischoff, would soon prove to be its own downfall. Adding unnecessary members to the group, splitting it into separate factions and even getting to the point where if you lost to NWO you joined them, the whole concept got watered down to the point it was no longer hot anymore. The NWO would go on to have a enjoyable run and reincarnation in WWE but it never threatened to reach the heights it did in WCW but nonetheless, they are easily the best ever wrestling faction.

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