Rapper Machine Gun Kelly gets powerbombed off the stage on Raw


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly took a powerbomb off the stage from Kevin Owens on last night's Raw.


As Raw emanated from Cleveland last night, rapper and hometown star Machine Gun Kelly, also a huge WWE fan, was in attendance and gave a live performance on the show.

As he was finishing up his performance, Kevin Owens appeared and squared up against the rapper who responded by pushing the NXT Champion away before attempting to leave.

However, Owens was not going to allow that to happen and kicked MGK in the stomach before hitting a powerbomb on the star off the stage in what was a pretty cool moment.

After referees instructed Owens to head back stage, they quickly went over to check on MGK who was selling the move.

Rather than be checked on by WWE officials, Machine Gun Kelly quickly got up with the help of his own people as they rushed him off the stage as doctors look like they want to check on him.

It appears that the rapper wanted to maintain some sort of reputation after taking the move, but fair play to Machine Gun Kelly for playing his part in a segment which will only help build Kevin Owens' reputation as someone who will do what he wants to whoever he wants.

The incident brought back memories of Brock Lesnar laying waste to Michael Cole and cameramen the night after Wrestlemania and fans are already licking their lips at the prospect of a Lesnar vs Owens match which would create new levels of physicality in a WWE ring.

After beating Dolph Ziggler on Raw, and with his feud with John Cena looking set to continue, it is clear WWE still have huge plans for Kevin Owens.

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