Bethesda release new Fallout game for mobile devices

Bethesda’s E3 conference was full of surprises and must be the most impressive of the show so far but one game that took everyone by surprise was the announcement of Fallout Shelter.

What’s so surprising about a new mobile game? Well for one it’s a Fallout game that no one was expecting and two the game was announced for launch immediately after the conference.

When discussing the game Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard said there would be no soft launch for the game as it was essentially made for the staff, a project that they thought would be cool to play and wanted to share with everyone, for free. Yes you read that right, Fallout Shelter is free to download and to play, there are purchases available but they are only for rare items, you won’t need to buy tokens to speed up building or get specific items to move on, you can play in real time, for free.

So what is this awesome new game?

Fallout Shelter is essentially a civilisation builder except that this time you play the role of Overseer, creating you very own Vault. The layout is very similar to that of the XCOM base builder, giving you the chance to build sleeping quarters, canteens, tech areas, games rooms and even romantic locations. 

The graphics are based on the traditional ’50s look surrounding Fallout lore and all of your residents are forms of the iconic Vault Boy.

This looks set to be a really fun and highly addictive to your mobile games library and we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Fallout Shelter is available now for iOS with an Android version to be released in “a couple of months”.


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