WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has checked himself into a rehab facility.

Scott Hall is one of the brightest minds to ever enter the wrestling business and has been credited as being the brains behind some of the best characters and factions during the fruitful 90’s boom period in the industry.

It is said that Hall was the mastermind behind Sting’s Crow character which only just debuted at Wrestlemania last year and he was a huge part of the NWO faction which revolutionised the business.

However, Hall has struggled with alcohol and drugs throughout his career and it appears he is still fighting them today. News broke that Hall had been escorted out of a wrestling event for being intoxicated despite recently doing great work with fellow former WCW star Diamond Dallas Page with DDP Yoga.

Speaking on his latest relapse, Hall tweeted:

Hall’s past with alcohol has been documented on WWE TV in the past in an infamous angle with Stone Cold Steve Austin where the Rattlesnake rhetorically asked a tied up and gagged Hall, whom he had kidnapped, if he had a problem with Austin drinking a beer in front of him; probably not the best course of action for a recovering alcoholic.

However, Hall had been doing pretty well prior to this latest incident and it was rumoured that he could be taking up a role at the WWE Performance Centre.

We can only hope Hall manages to keep on the straight and narrow and WWE give him the chance to transfer his vast wealth of knowledge onto WWE’s stars of tomorrow.