In the last stop before this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV, WWE passed through New Orleans for Raw and here are five things we learnt from the broadcast.

5) Divas division shows signs of life

After last week’s stellar promo from Paige, Nikki Bella responded in typical fashion by refuting her claims that the Bella Twins are holding the whole Divas division back. After announcing the Divas Championship match between her and Paige at Money in the Bank on Sunday, Nikki went on to comprehensively beat Summer Rae. While it would have been great to hear from Paige on this week’s show to really build towards the match, her performance last week was superb and this is evidence, if ever so slight, that WWE is heading in the right direction once again with the Divas.

4) Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are back to their creepy best

The break-up of The Wyatt Family has clearly been a flop, especially considering that Bray has not even pushed on to bigger and better things except for some high profile losses. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper endured very forgettable single runs during that time too, but have finally been placed back together. After using the Dudley Boyz’s 3-D finisher move to beat Los Matadores, Harper cut a typically cryptic promo aimed at someone in particular, and I cannot help but think that Bray Wyatt will somehow become involved with these two men again.

3) Rusev is sticking around on TV

Every now and again WWE find out how important a star is to them when they become injured and are unable to physically compete, much like what happened with Stone Cold, and it appears Rusev is being kept on TV despite nursing a serious ankle injury. Like most people, I expected Rusev to be written off to recover from his injury but instead, he is still appearing in an attempt to win back Lana. Rusev’s latest attempt to do so on Raw cost Dolph Ziggler his match with Kane after trying to get Lana to scurry backstage with him. Ironically, this injury may do Rusev the world of good because it will allow WWE to showcase a layer to his character we would not have seen otherwise and it could make officials realise just how good he is in the ring by not having him at their disposal.

2) NXT favoured yet again

It may be getting repetitive singing the praises of NXT but credit where credit is due. Kevin Owens interrupted John Cena’s United States Title Open Challenge and offered the challenger, who happened to be Neville, the chance to fight him for the NXT Championship instead. Neville chose to go for the NXT Title, citing his history with it, and we were treated to a great match between him and Owens which again portrayed NXT as better and more popular than the main roster and Cena’s U.S Championship. The re-match between Cena and Owens this Sunday is one of the most anticipated in recent memory and the outcome is going to be very interesting.

1) Seth Rollins’ world is falling apart

After imploding last week declaring he did not need the help of Kane, J&J Security or even Triple H and Stephanie, things got even worse for Seth Rollins on Raw this week. After attempting to make amends with Triple H and Steph, Rollins again bickered with his security team and faced Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury in a handicap match to end the show.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, WWE World Heavyweight Championship in tow, watched from the first row in the crowd and of course cost Rollins the match. Ambrose slid the title into the ring knowing Rollins would try and retrieve it which left him vulnerable to a roll up from Mercury and cost him an embarrassing loss to his security team. Ambrose gained possession of the title once more and posed with it to end Raw with a very worried Seth Rollins looking on. The build up to this match has been great and I expect Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in a Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to be match of the night on Sunday at Money in the Bank.