WWE acknowledge worrying injury to former tag champ


WWE have finally commented on the worrying injury sustained by former tag team champion Tyson Kidd.

There have been plenty of injuries sustained on the WWE roster so far this year and WWE have finally commented on the most recent, worrying injury scare.

After competing in a dark match with Samoa Joe prior to last week's Raw, rumours had been circulating online that Tyson Kidd had suffered a serious looking injury.

Worryingly, it was suggested that Kidd had suffered a neck or spinal problem, which had a lot of people fearing the worst about the promising star's future.

WWE have finally decided to comment on the incident, releasing a statement on their website which reads: 

"Tyson Kidd sustained an injury while competing in a non-televised match against Samoa Joe last Monday night, June 1, in San Antonio. As the former WWE Tag Team Champion continues to be evaluated, check back with WWE.com for the latest information on Kidd's condition."

While the severity of the injury is still unknown, it is very strange that WWE have not gone into further detail on the extent of the injury despite acknowledging it. This would suggest that Kidd is still undergoing tests to determine what injury he has actually sustained.

Tyson's on-screen and real life wife Natalya tweeted the following 

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