Top 5 WWE Tag Teams of all time, including The New Age Outlaws and Legion of Doom


With WWE placing such a focus on the Tag Team division again, what a great time to countdown the top 5 teams of all time.

5) Edge and Christian

After debuting in WWE as vampires in Gangrel's Brood stable, Edge and Christian quickly established a more serious name for themselves as as a great Tag Team. Very capable in the ring and armed with bags of personality that often sent the audience into stitches of laughter, Edge and Christian helped revolutionise the division after the series of TLC matches with The Hardy and Dudley Boyz. Both men went on to have successful single careers, more so Edge who has since retired and swiftly been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

4) The Hart Foundation

Managed by Jimmy 'Mouth of the South' Hart, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart formed what many fans today recognise as the perfect blueprint for a great tag team. Bret was a ring technician with incredible speed and wit while Neidhart was the muscle of the pair, ruthlessly overpowering any opponent. The trio achieved huge success and the fact the Hart Foundation was re-packaged so many times during its run is a testament to how solid the original team was. Bret Hart would go on and become one of the best single wrestlers ever but it is this initial run which put him on the map and lay the foundation, excuse the pun, for his career.

3) The New Age Outlaws 

Owners of one of the most interactive ring entrances of all time, Road Dogg and Billy Gun already had the crowd pumped before their matches had even begun as they would dialogue with the audience. The team, apart of DX, won the Tag Team Championships on several occasions and embodied exactly what the Attitude Era was all about, pushing the boundaries with edgy content. Both men knew their way around the ring, especially Gun, but it is their charisma and likability which is the real reason behind their success.

2) The Road Warriors / Legion of Doom

Known as The Road Warriors throughout their career and The Legion of Doom in WWE, Hawk and Animal are undoubtedly one of the best ever teams to step foot in a ring. Graced with body-builder physiques, intense ring gear and a powerful style which bulldozed through every company they worked for, some fans will argue they should top this list. The Road Warriors held the tag titles in WWE, NWA, AWA and New Japan to name but a few and it was only the tragic, untimely death of Hawk which brought an end to the team. 

1) The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz are quite simply the best tag team to ever step inside a professional wrestling ring. Since their humble beginnings in ECW, no other team or talent could draw the same type of genuine heat as the Dudleyz did in their early days due to Bubba Ray and D-Von's unrivalled understanding of the business. Upon moving to WWE, The Dudleyz achieved even more success along with The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian in the legendary TLC matches which helped to cement their legacy. The pair went on to accumulate 24 World Tag Team Championship reigns in their career ranging from ECW, WWE, TNA and all the way to Japan. "Oh my brother, testify!"

What do you think of the list; have we missed any great Tag Teams out?