Worst WWE losing streak finally ends

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Heath Slater picks up his first win of the year to end the worst losing streak in the company.

Heath Slater has finally picked up his first pinfall victory of the year after going over Adam Rose at a recent live event at the Nassau Coliseum.

It has taken Slater six months to get his first victory of the year after amassing 44 losses on the way, the worst record in the entire WWE. There has been much discussion about the future for Heath Slater, with many rumours suggesting he could be heading to NXT for a gimmick overhaul.

Adam Rose, who did the honours for Slater, is not in a much better position as his record currently reads 5 - 56 for the year while Bo Dallas comes next with 3 - 39 and diva Cameron tops the list with 2 - 35. 

Rose won the hearts of many fans following ESPN's WWE: Behind the Curtain documentary which recently aired documenting the real life struggles to make it in WWE but Rose's character is fast running out of steam. Rose too could be heading back to NXT, where we may see the re-emergance of his Leo Kruger character.

As for Bo Dallas, there were some murmurs of him joining the Wyatt Family and uniting with his real-life sibling Bray Wyatt but while those plans appear to have been nixed, Bo will be looking for some change of sort to his character. 

Cameron's WWE future seems to be just as uncertain as her former partner Naomi has gone on to achieve success on her own while she has been left to fend for herself, unsuccessfully so far.

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