Joey Mercury saved Seth Rollins' early WWE career


Seth Rollins has revealed that Joey Mercury helped save his career when he was back in NXT.

Seth Rollins is on top of the WWE Universe; WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he has the respect of all his peers and fans as an incredible performer. 

Many doubters of indie standouts like Rollins must be taken aback by his skills on the microphone and overall ability to portray a character to compliment his in-ring ability.

After being a member of The Shield, which was one of the best stables to ever grace WWE, and to then become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins is well on his way to building a legacy in WWE.

However, Seth was very close to having his WWE career cut short while he was in developmental at NXT. It is said that Rollins was one of, if not the best talent they have ever had down there and he was crowned the first ever NXT Champion but it was not all plain sailing.

Speaking at Wizard World in St. Louis last week, quoted by Wrestling Inc, Rollins said he almost got fired as he was becoming increasingly frustrated by how long he was being kept in developmental. He believed he was already the best on the roster and considering he is already WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins may have had a point.

Rollins credited his on screen J&J Security member, Joey Mercury with helping to save his career as he laid everything out for him and put the former Shield member on the right path. Rollins says learning about how to carry himself in the WWE and being told how things work in the company by Mercury saved his job.

How different would things be if Joey Mercury hadn't intervened and Rollins was fired? It would have been a tragedy if Rollins had slipped through the WWE's net that is for sure and we are very much looking forward to his ladder match with Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank.

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