Three reasons why Kevin Owens will become WWE Champion


Kevin Owens has taken the WWE by storm in a very short amount of time and here are three reasons why he's a future WWE Champion.

NXT has a fantastic record for producing talents who go on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion with Daniel Bryn and Seth Rollins as great examples, and it seems apparent they will have another member of their alumni to add to that list.

Kevin Owens has already made an incredible impression on WWE after only just joining their roster as a permanent addition, beating John Cena in his debut match at WWE Elimination Chamber. It was the manner of the victory which was so impressive, a clean win and a promo after telling Cena there's a new champ in the company.

Here are three reasons why we are looking at a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Kevin Owens:


Kevin Owens brings a much-needed big fight feel back to the WWE which has been lost to the UFC, reflecting in the ratings and overall popularity. When Owens comes down to the ring with a big 'KO' sign on his shirt, he has a presence and fans know that he means business. He is a stiff worker and this reflects through the television screen, he makes it that much more believable for fans to suspend their disbelief for a few hours. This equates to drawing money as fans are more likely to pay for an event where they can at least be drawn into believing what they are witnessing is genuine.


For those who have never seen Kevin Owens perform before, they will be in for a treat when they do. Owens has a repertoire of moves that you would never believe could correlate with a man of his size. It is his agility which will throw a lot of fans off and make them realise he is not just a regular competitor and his moonsault attempt against John Cena at Elimination Chamber is just one example of that. Fans who have been following his career for a bit longer, when he was known as Kevin Steen, will know that there is a lot more where that move came from. 


Although this is very premature to say, WWE have done a stellar job in their presentation of Kevin Owens so far in his burgeoning career. Owens has dominated NXT, becoming champion after an incredible feud with long-time friend Sami Zayn which created the monster heel we are now witnessing on TV. Then, as mentioned earlier, Owens went over John Cena clean in his very first match on the main roster, something which many established, top stars cannot say they have done. If WWE continue to book Owens in this vain, it is only a matter of time until he swaps that NXT Championship for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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