Fallout 4 Officially Announced

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Bethesda officially announce Fallout 4 with new website and trailer.

After years of fake reports and hoax announcements the unthinkable finally happened, Fallout 4 was officially announced by developers Bethesda.

The announcement came in true Fallout style, with a countdown clock on their official website and twitter announcement simply stating, please stand by. Fans of the franchise went into hype meltdown, predicting what the announcement would hold. Many believed that we would get a holding screen with a release date, others predicted a teaser trailer whislt some of the more pessimistic fans predicted the release of Fallout 3 HD.

So what did we get? A whole lot more than expected, that's what.

We got an official Fallout 4 website, complete with pre-order links, cover art, adverts for their upcoming E3 conference promising gameplay footage, a mailing list link and the biggest surprise of all, a 3 minute trailer.

Fallout 4 Cover Art

So we now know that the release will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with no mention of Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. But we hear you, what about that trailer?

The trailer is, quite frankly, stunning. It has everything you would want from a Fallout trailer, we get the setting, protagonist, Vault number, canine companion, enemies and some unknown elements to keep us guessing. But let's stop holding off, here's the trailer in all it's glory.

So what we tell you from the trailer that you may not be able to work out for yourself? The setting is certainly Boston and it appears the protagonist will be from Vault 111. It would also seem that Boston isn't quite so desolate as The Capitol Wasteland or Deserts of New Vegas. A seemingly vibrant community dwells there and it would appear that the Brotherhood of Steel will make an appearance which leads to questions of who the antagonists will be. There has been much talk of a story involving The Institute and Androids, this may have been hinted at with the clip of a Bladerunner-esque character around the 1:42 mark. It would certainly appear as though many staples of the series will return, such as Ghouls, Super Mutants, Lake/MireLurks and the ever terrifying Deathclaws.

The trailer leaves plenty of questions however, such as what the Old Ship with rockets is about, or the Zeppelin? Who is the mysterious Bladerunner-esque character? And what about the final segment? Many fans are predicting that this is a preview of your home base, it seems to be a place to store Armour, Weapons, Collectibles and other junk. It also seems as though Companions will be making a welcome return, especially those of a canine variety.

Unfortunately no release date has been announced but we expect this to be announced at Bethesda's E3 conference on the 14th June.

What we do know however is that Pre-Order is available from both GAME and Amazon in the UK and GAME are saying the release date is TBC 2015. Presumably meaning it will be released this year.

Rest assured we will be covering every detail of this game until it's launch, which can't come soon enough.


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