Stone Cold Steve Austin hints at Wrestlemania return

Stone Cold Steve Austin says he would be open to discussing a Wrestlemania 32 match with Brock Lesnar during a podcast with Paul Heyman.

Immediately following Raw last night, Paul Heyman was the special guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast show on the WWE Network and it was not long until Brock Lesnar became the subject of conversation.

At the end of the interview, Heyman asked Austin if he was interested in facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32, and Austin was very quick to respond.

Stone Cold said he would “open a can of whoopass on Lesnar’s ass” and although he did not explicitly agree to the match, he said “we could discuss it" and Vince McMahon would have to be involved in that discussion but Lesnar would face being booed by 105,000 people in Texas, Austin's home state of course.

Austin then proceeded to cut a promo on Heyman, teasing an attack on him as Lesnar was not there to protect his mouthpiece.

If this match does materialise, Austin stated it would have to headline Wrestlemania 32, which would be a point of contention as it is rumoured Vince is bringing all the big stars to sell out the huge AT&T Stadium.

The pair also discussed Heyman's work with CM Punk, ECW, working with Vince McMahon and even had a fantasy booking discussion where Heyman claims he could get Mark Henry over and World Champion with a headlock finisher!

The whole podcast is definitely worth a watch on the WWE Network but news of a potential Austin vs Lesnar Wrestlemania match is the real highlight!

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