Huge update on Samoa Joe's WWE future

Samoa Joe has signed a permanent WWE contract just weeks after making his debut.

Samoa Joe has signed a permanent WWE contract after impressing Vince McMahon and Triple H in his brief time with the company. 

Joe wrestled a dark match on last night's Raw, beating Tyson Kidd with a muscle buster before the TV tapings began. 

According to sources, Joe's merchandise sales were so impressive that Vince McMahon and Triple H saw no reason to delay in making him a permanent member on the roster

Other factors were that his initial deal would see him able to work independent events outside of WWE, Ring of Honour one of those organisations, and with ROH recently signing to appear on the Destination America TV channel, WWE do not want him being broadcast on other channels.

Also, it is said that officials were very pleased with his work at the NXT tapings last month where he built a feud with Kevin Owens which should be nothing short of an incredible match.

Joe's NXT contract included a clause that WWE could sign him to a permanent and exclusive deal at any time, and they have chosen to exercise that clause after ROH made the announcement they will be airing on Destination America, the same network TNA airs on.

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