WWE: Seth Rollins has bad news for his fans

Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has confirmed we will no longer be seeing his 'curb stomp' finishing manoeuvre.

Seth Rollins is on fire at the moment, after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania 31 to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the self appointed present and future of WWE has not put a foot wrong. 

Rollins has developed into the perfect heel and his role as the face of The Authority has been instrumental to achieving this, but his incredible in-ring style means he remains an exciting talent to watch. Rollins has established himself as someone wrestling purists love to hate while casual fans will probably just despise him; either way he is getting a reaction out of people which is the most important thing.

One thing which has been noticeably missing from his routine recently is his awesome 'curb stomp' finisher and Wrestlemania 31 was a prime example to highlight how much potential the move has. In his match with Randy Orton, Rollins went for the stomp but instead he was catapulted into the air and struck with an incredible RKO.

Later in the night, interrupting the main event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins hit the curb stomp on a groggy Brock Lesnar and, besides how cool it looks, it was the believability behind the move of the damage it can inflict which helped the crowd pop as superbly as they did.

However, recent comments from Seth Rollins will disappoint fans waiting to see the return of the 'curb stomp'. Speaking during a Q&A at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con this past weekend, when asked if Wrestlemania 31 was the last time we would see the finisher, Rollins responded:

"Yes...Never say never. You never know. But for now, yes. For the extended period of time, the Pedigree will be the finisher moving forward."

Recent reports suggest that the 'curb stomp' may have fallen victim to ongoing WWE lawsuits with former talents discussing the effects of head and concussion injuries. While WWE look to put these suits to bed soon, it appears they would rather not have one of their top stars use such a brutal looking finishing move, to the dismay of many fans.

To replace the move, Rollins has started using the Pedigree, infamously the finishing manoeuvre of his Authority role model HHH which has fuelled speculation of a future match between the two down the line.

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