NXT star Kevin Owens signs permanent main roster contract


NXT Champion Kevin Owens has signed a contract to become a permanent member of the WWE main roster.


Kevin Owens, the current NXT Champion, has appeared on WWE's main show Monday Night Raw for all of two weeks but has already impressed enough to sign himself a permanent main roster WWE contract. It is also being reported that Owens is expected to make the transition from NXT to the main roster very quickly in the coming weeks.

Owens is booked for all Raw events going forward and is also being included on all the WWE main roster live events and it will be a very busy time for him as he will still be featured on NXT over the next few months to ensure a smooth exit from the brand's TV storylines.

Kevin Owens has been incredibly over with the WWE Universe in his recent appearances on Raw and his feud with John Cena has provided WWE with a breath of fresh air. The pair's match at Elimination Chamber is captivating wrestling fans as an encounter between the WWE's old-guard and new-blood. 

With this news being revealed, one of the most interesting questions it raises is who is Kevin Owens going to drop the NXT Title to as he makes his move? 

Samoa Joe is a great candidate and after just making his WWE debut by sparking a feud with Owens, it is clearly an avenue NXT is heading down. However, it would not be a surprise if the WWE are hesitant on giving the NXT Title on a star who was established in TNA and someone, while many wrestling fans know and love him, so fresh to their particular audience. 

Sami Zayn has been embroiled in a fantastic rivalry with Kevin Owens for the past few months and it would be very fitting for Zayn to exact some revenge on his former best friend. Then again, Zayn is currently injured nursing a shoulder injury so it remains to be seen if he will be fit and healthy in time for Owens to drop the title and head to Raw and Smackdown.

The last candidate of note is the enigmatic Irishman Finn Balor. Finn has already established himself as number one contender to the NXT Title after a win against Tyler Breeze and he is incredible over with the fans. Balor reminds me of a Jeff Hardy like character but his undefinable talent means he does not necessarily require a title to establish himself as a star and he himself has been the subject of many rumours to head to the WWE main roster.

It is great news that WWE are capitalising early on one of their stars being so over with their audience like they are currently doing with Kevin Owens.

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