Just Cause 2, Thief, Pool Nation FX, and Massive Chalice are all up for free download on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in June.

A new month is almost upon us, and Xbox have announced the next line up of free games Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download for free In June.

First up Xbox One owners may, or may not, be happy to see that Pool Nation FX will be available on the console throughout June again – it’s been up for free download since it launched on 1st April. The second free game for Xbox One is Massive Chalice – the Kickstarter-funded tactical strategy game from Double Fine Productions. It launches on 1st June and will be available for free until the 30th of that month.

Take a look at the trailers for both games below for a look at them in action.

Pool Nation FX

Massive Chalice

Xbox 360 owners, you’ll be wondering what delights Microsoft have in store for you too, right? Well, first up from 1st-15th June you can download Just Cause 2 for free, and from 16th-30th of the month you’ll get Thief (the 2014 reboot).

Trailers for the games are below, so you know what awaits you.

Just Cause 2


May isn’t over yet, however. So, make sure you download you other free games before Monday 1st comes around.

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