Samoa Joe reveals all on leaving TNA

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Samoa Joe cites TNA's confused identity and constant change of direction as main reasons for leaving the company he helped build to join WWE.

Last week on NXT Unstoppable, wrestling fans were treated to a huge surprise that many of us never saw coming, quite a rarity in today's world of internet spoilers. 

As NXT World Champion Kevin Owens was putting a beating on his long time rival Sami Zayn, none other than Samoa Joe appeared from behind the curtain and confronted Owens. The brief verbal exchange between the two has fans salivating at the prospect of these two juggernauts going at it and tearing the house down.

But why, many fans were wondering, has Joe left the company he helped build for 10 years to join WWE now?

Joe was always considered a TNA loyalist and his move to WWE would have sent shock-waves through his former employees company. The Samoan Submission Machine finally sat down and discussed his thinking behind the decision.

"Towards the end there, there were some apparent things and incidents that kinda showed me that maybe it was time for me to move on and maybe it was better for me, both personally and professionally, to explore other options and explore other things. I've gotta admit, I'm not unhappy with my decision."

Although Joe does not elaborate with details on these incidents, most casual fans had been frustrated with the way Joe was being booked by TNA for a long time so we can only imagine how he felt.

"I'm unhappy that I didn’t get the opportunity to kinda finish out what I wanted to start in TNA, but at the same time, so many great things have popped up since that I'm very, very satisfied with the decision that I made," he continued.

Speaking on TNA's identity, Joe said "TNA was unique in that it had a very high-level athletic style, and at times I felt it was trying to be transformed into something more sports entertainment-ish, when we were definitely an alternative to that particular kind of style.

"As time when on, it ebbed and flowed, and it'll come to the surface and then it'll be pushed to the background. Wrestlers were cycled in and out, and creative teams were regularly cycled in and out. That's I think where the identity started to get muddled."

While it may have been a difficult decision for Joe to make, the wrestling world is relishing the prospect of him plying his trade in WWE and the apparent first feud with Kevin Owens in NXT is a great place to start.

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