Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane opens up about his childhood heroes, with Teddy Sheringham, David Beckham and Jermain Defoe among those he admired.

England international Harry Kane grew up with sporting influences such as Teddy Sheringham, David Beckham and Jermain Defoe helping to shape his game.

It is always of interest hearing a professional footballer talk about their childhood heroes. We all had them, based on either club or country, but for Kane they all seem to have something geological in common.

The aim for Kane is now to be looked upon by the kids of today in the same light. In order to achieve that status he needs more seasons like his 2014/15 campaign, scoring 30 goals for Spurs and becoming the first striker at White Hart Lane to do so since Gary Lineker.

“I had a few (heroes) – Teddy Sheringham, David Beckham, Jermain Defoe,” Kane said on the new series of The Clare Balding Show which airs Thursday night at 8pm on BT Sport 1.

“There was a good story actually with Defoe. I was in school, I think I was in Year Seven and I was playing on the street with all my mates and this black Range Rover turned up and Jermain Defoe just got out and started playing football with us.


“Like I say, I was only 11 or 12 at the time so it was just mental but great for him to do it and I spoke about it when he was at the club and he remembers it, so yeah, that’s definitely a memory that I won’t forget.

“He said do you fancy a game? It was him and his mate and there was about ten of us and they was keeping the ball away from us and doing it with quite a bit of ease, but obviously that was a special moment.”

Little did Defoe know that one of those kids would be turning out for Tottenham Hotspur and England in the years to come. He has also been a huge influence on Kane’s professional career, previously handing down his number 18 shirt at White Hart Lane.

“He [Defoe] is,I got on really well with him actually and like I say, he went out to the MLS and now he is back obviously at Sunderland but I learned a lot from him growing up, playing football with him,” Kane continued.

“He’s an incredible player, an incredible finisher and he helped me develop my game and I owe a lot to him, maybe.”

Childhood heroes can dictate your learning process of the beautiful game. Those that you look up to as a kid can influence what you try to better ability-wise, and some even try to match the heights those before them have scaled, as Kane has done.

Footballers such as Sheringham, Beckham and Defoe are all great role models of the game and it is no surprise that young footballers wish to follow in their footsteps.

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