PS4 and Xbox One owners will get to play the latest Assassin’s Creed romp from Ubisoft first, while PC owners will have to wait a little longer.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will take players to London in 1868, during the Industrial Revolution, and the game’s debut trailer shows us it’ll be full of cockney swagger.

Developers Ubisoft have revealed that the game will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One consoles on 23 October this year, while the PC version will land ‘this fall’.

Syndicate stars are Jacob Frye and his twin sister Evie. Both characters are said to be playable too, according to The Guardian. This means it will be the first time the series has involved two main playable characters, and a playable female character.

From the trailer below you’ll get a pretty grim vibe, but it’s all padded out with some cinematic gameplay and cockney talk, from Jacob we assume. Also, I think this may be the first time in the series you can wear a top hat while assassinating people. Enjoy!

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