The early days of Grand Theft Auto have been recreated in this rather well-made fan video that stays true to the game’s original formula.

For those of you that played Grand Theft Auto 2 way back in 1999, this new fan-made video will no doubt bring on some nostalgic feelings.

The live-action video uses a mixture of assets from the game, like the gang respect meters in the top-left of the screen, the health meter in the top-right, and various sound effects. The greatest part about this video, though, is the fact it’s been filmed from the same top-down viewpoint as the game, using a drone with a camera, and someone we imagine to be an awesome drone pilot.

The almost five minute long video shows actors from the classic top-down GTA view stealing cars, being chased by the police, and there’s even a ‘Kill Frenzy’ at the end. The video is from the YouTube channel of ‘vojta paul‘ with no info other than the title of ‘GTA 2 LIVE’. Check it out below!

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