Newspaper election endorsements: who’s supporting who?

With the election less than a week away numerous papers have declared their support for different parties. Here’s the list so far:

The Sun

The Sun’s stance is perhaps by far the most interesting. The Sun has backed the Conservatives, as it did in 2010, whilst the Scottish Sun has backed the SNP for readers north of the border. The paper has been criticised for this, especially when you look at what each of the papers say. The Sun said:

“A fragile left-wing Labour minority, led by Ed Miliband and his union paymasters and supported by the wreckers of the Scottish National Party, could take power.”

Whilst the Scottish Sun said:

“If the Conservative Party ever understood Scotland, they don’t any more.”

The Sun's editorial can be read here, whilst the Scottish Sun's can be read here.

The Economist

The Economist, which backed the Conservatives in 2010, is backing them once again, however, it recommends that their should be another Conservative-led coalition, giving some endorsement to the Liberal Democrats.

The paper said that their decision is based upon the economy and that:

“On May 7th voters must weigh the certainty of economic damage under Labour against the possibility of a costly EU exit under the Tories. With Labour, the likely partnership with the SNP increases the risk. For the Tories, a coalition with the Lib Dems would reduce it.”

The editorial can be read here.

The Financial Times

This paper also backs a Conservative-led coalition. For this they make the case for tactical voting saying that:

“In seats where the Lib Dems are the incumbent or the main challenger, we would vote tactically for them.”

The editorial can be read here.

The New Statesman

The New Statesman is backing Labour. However, their endorsement begins with a line suggesting that their hearts are not 100% behind Labour:

“Ed Miliband has missed opportunities to broaden his party's appeal, but a vote for Labour is still better than the alternatives.”

They say that the best outcome is a Labour government and the party’s programme is “worthy of support”. Interestingly they also attack the UK’s voting system and that they hope it will not survive this election.

The editorial can be read here.

The Guardian

Back in 2010 the paper backed the Liberal Democrats. Given their fall in popularity it is no surprise that the Guardian is no longer giving its support to Nick Clegg’s party. Instead the party is backing Ed Miliband’s Labour as they think that “Britain needs a new direction.”

The editorial in support of the party attacked David Cameron for being a weak Prime Minister, as well as the risks of an EU exit.

Regarding the man they want to see lead the country, they said:

“...Mr Miliband has grown in this campaign. He may not have stardust or TV-ready charisma, but those are qualities that can be overvalued. He has resilience and, above all, a strong sense of what is just.”

The editorial can be read here.


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