Less than a week to go: polls still indicate a tight political race

With less than a week until the general election the polls suggest that neither of the main parties look set to pull ahead.

The latest YouGov poll, for the Sun, suggests that there is just a one point gap between the two main parties, showing how close the race is to be the biggest party. This is just one poll, but the general trend indicates that the parties are within one or two points of each other.

The poll gives the following results:

Labour 35%. Conservatives 34%. UKIP 12%. Liberal Democrats 8%. Green Party 5%.

If the poll was repeated in the general election there would likely be another hung parliament. Furthermore, if recent polling in Scotland was factored into this then there would be a very strong SNP presence in the new parliament.

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With all the TV debates and Question Times out of the way there is little opportunity for the party leaders to make a big difference without announcing new policies or doing something spectacular to make an impact on the electorate.

Labour will be hoping that they will pull ahead, whilst the Conservatives will be hoping that there will be a (very) late swing in their favour. As for the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg will be hoping that his party can hold strong and retain a decent proportion of its seats, whilst Nigel Farage will be hoping for a big break-through.

As well as voting intentions, the poll also suggests that 74% of people are absolutely certain to vote on Thursday. A turnout of 74% would be a great improvement on 2010’s 65%.

Furthermore, in regards to the special Question Time where the main three party leaders were questioned by the audience and David Dimbleby on Thursday night, a Guardian-ICM poll suggested that David Cameron had won with 44%, ahead of Ed Miliband on 38% and Nick Clegg on 19%.

With the polls so tight and so many new factors at play - such as the SNP and UKIP - who knows how this election will end.

See the full results of the YouGov poll here.


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