Another free game offered up by EA on their Origin PC gaming platform, and it’s a top-down isometric RPG from 1994 this time around.

EA’s Origin have updated their ‘On the House’ offer – you can pick up Ultima 8 Gold Edition to add to your games library, completely free.

On the House is Origin’s free game giveaway. There doesn’t seem to be a set date that they offer the free games each time, or even a set time the offer is available. It’s just a case of checking back every so often to see if they’ve changed the free game.

I’ve never played Ultima 8, so I can’t really tell you anything about it. I did take a look online and it seems the game received mixed reviews at the time it was released. So, I guess you’ll just have to download it and see for yourself – it’s free, you’ve nothing to lose.

To claim your free copy of Ultima 8 Gold Edition just head on over to the Origin website. If you don’t have an Origin account just set one up, they’re free, and you can start your free games collection.

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