Valve’s free-to-play MOBA will receive a big update this week, which includes a bunch of brand new items.

Dota 2‘s 6.84 Gameplay Update has been detailed over in the patch notes on the game’s blog, and is currently live on the Dota 2 Test Client right now. The game’s Main Client will be updated with the changes later this week, says the blog. The blog also notes that as The International 5 is getting closer the Compendium will also be arriving later this week.

Among all the tweaks and changes detailed in the patch notes there are also brand new items to be added to the in-game shop. One of these items, as Eurogamer points out, appears to be a tribute to the late author Terry Pratchett, who passed away last month.

This new item is called the “Octarine Core”, which can be built from a Mystc Staff and Soul Booster. It provides some great stat boosts for spellcasters, such as a 25% cooldown reduction and a lifesteal from spells the hero casts.

Terry Pratchett fans will know that octarine is the colour of magic in the author’s Discworld universe.

If you want to see the Octarine Core in action before the update officially hits the Dota 2 client later this week, check out the OnlyBrothers Dota 2 video below. Get ready for Zeus and Invoker in every match.

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