Play Skyrim for free on Steam this weekend, and buy it for 75% off

Skyrim trailer screen 1

Bethesda's action RPG - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - can be played for free all weekend on Steam, and it's been heavily discounted too.

Skyrim trailer screen 1

Orcs, elves, trolls, dragons and more are all waiting for you in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this weekend, which is completely free to play on Steam until 1pm Pacific Time on Sunday 26th April.

If by some misfortune you're yet to play Skyrim, now is the perfect opportunity to get some free time with the game. If you happen to like what you see this weekend, and we're confident you will, you can buy Skyrim for 75% off (just £2.49) its normal price until 10am Pacific Time on Monday.

The 'Legendary Edition' is also on sale, at 66% off, so that's worth grabbing if you want the game along with all its DLC too.

Speaking of DLC, all of that is on sale individually, so if you already own the game and want to expand your adventures more, you can pick up the packs at a lower price.

Just head on over to Steam to download the game for free, and then tell us how foolish you were to wait almost four years to play it.

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