WoW Tokens launch in Europe tomorrow - game time for gold

World of Warcaft Logo (vanilla WoW)

Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft implements the new Token system in Europe tomorrow, which allows players to buy game time from the auction house.

World of Warcaft Logo (vanilla WoW)

Listen up, World of Warcraft players, the new WoW Token system is being introduced to the game on 21st April 2015 (tomorrow) at 5pm CEST.

Blizzard announced the impending update today over on

WoW Tokens will be available to buy from the in-game shop, priced at £15 (€20), with bids for the tokens in the Auction House beginning at 35K gold.

WoW Tokens give players 30 days of game time. Players simply buy them from the in-game shop for real money, and can then place them for sale in the Auction House for in-game gold, if they wish.

The below video explains what WoW Tokens are and how they work, so check it out if you want a more audiovisual description.

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