Not sure who to vote for? Here’s some websites that might help

Three weeks to go: not sure who to vote for? Help is at hand.

It’s no wonder so many people are unsure of who they will vote for this time around. This election has so much choice, with the likes of UKIP and the Greens standing candidates in many more seats than usual. But here’s some websites and links to information that could make the process easier to digest - all in one easy place.

The manifestos:

The manifestos for Britain’s five main political parties have now all been released. They are all long, but skipping to the end of each chapter (or in some cases the start) provides readers with the parties’ main policies for a particular issue.


Labour manifesto unveiled: what are the key proposals?

Conservative manifesto: what is the party promising?

Still unsure? Election websites

There are numerous websites that can help you come to a decision.

The ‘Vote for policies, not personalities’ website offers an alternative way of looking at policies. You choose the topics that matter to you most and from a range of policies pick the one you most agree with. These are policies belonging to parties, but when answering the questions the policies are made anonymous.

The Independent’s ‘Verto’, available below, offers a similar service.

More details on the Vote For Policies site can be viewed here

Your Local MP and Candidates

Want to see how your local MP has performed over the last five years? Want to see how they have voted on issues that matter to you such as the NHS, welfare reform and the economy? There’s a website for that as well so you can judge them. After all you will not be voting for Cameron, Miliband, Clegg or Farage, you will be voting for a local candidate.

The ‘They Work For You’ website does just that. Just enter your postcode and the website will take you to a simplified voting record of how they have voted on every issue. From the simplified version you can then check in detail on policies that matter to you.

You can also use the Electoral Commission's website to see who is standing in your area.


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